We have come a long way!

We’re over 130 years old and still going strong. The following are major milestones on our historical calendar:

A decision taken by the Western Cape Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in SA in 1880 led to the establishment of the Institute for the Blind and Deaf in Worcester. The School for the Blind was established in 1881 to attend to the needs of blind learners that were not catered for satisfactorily at the time by more mainstream academic institutions. The first learners were admitted on 15 June 1881. Since January 1905 deaf and blind learners have been educated separately.

A need for after school placement was identified in 1933, when three blind matriculants struggled to find gainful employment. Today, the Industries provide employment opportunities to over 160 visually impaired adults in six different factories. The name was formally changed to the Pioneer School for the visually impaired in 1981 to reflect the school’s growing educational capacity.

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