The Suidoosterfees, a festival that thrusts Kaapse lifestyle, cultural diversity and inclusivity into the limelight, has joined the Share a Pair initiative by Olympic International. Their Voetsool Project has donated a vast number of shoes to Innovation for the Blind, the non-profit organisation based in Worcester which empowers visually impaired persons to reach their full potential in a world tailor made for persons with five senses.

The shoes were donated by guests at the birthday celebrations of Anet Pienaar-Vosloo, presenter of Mooi on Via (DStv channel 147), during the Suidoosterfees. “I invited my friends to join me at a performance of Poskaarte uit Parys by Jacobi de Villiers and Danie Theron, and requested that they bring a pair of shoes instead of a gift. I was absolutely thrilled by the number of shoes donated. Most of them still look brand new and have been worn by prominent South African figures such as FW de Klerk, Ton Vosloo, Christo Wiese, Karen Meiring, Errol Arendz and Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck! It warms my heart that Innovation for the Blind can put it to excellent use and that the new owners can follow in their footsteps.”

Says Fahiem Frizlar, Marketing Manager at Bolton Footwear: “We’d like to thank both Anet and Suidoosterfees for their support of the Share a Pair initiative, whereby participants of events and their families are encouraged to drop their old pairs of shoes at the Olympic International bins provided, which are then distributed to needy adult and children charity organisations such as Innovation for the Blind.”

Corrie Malan, Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Innovation for the Blind, adds that they are over the moon. “We care for more than 400 adults and the donation of shoes, especially tekkies, will make a huge difference to them. It will also give them the opportunity to get active and enjoy their favourite discipline, be it walking or running. We’d like to thank everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts.”

Olympic International will provide bins at various events around the country for the rest of the year. Frizlar concludes: “Clean out those cupboards and Share a Pair. Not only can you donate footwear, but also sports equipment and clothing. Let’s make a difference together.”

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