What is most important for blind people?


We all think we know the answer, but it’s not that. The one thing most blind people long for is dignity. To be part of, and accepted by society as a contributing member. And one thing, more than any other, contributes to dignity: being gainfully employed.

Here is an inspiring example of one of our champions who overcame huge adversity, found his opportunity, and now inspires others.

At the age of three, Joseph Matheatau lost sight in his left eye. Due to the lack of treatment, he gradually started losing sight in his right eye as well, and finally turned completely blind in 2010.

After enduring a long period of suffering and enormous challenges, he finally enrolled at our Training Department in January 2014 and completed a course in Marketing and Entrepreneurship; mastered braille, the computer, orientation and mobility training. Joseph then trained as Barista and is currently working at our Blindiana Barista coffee shop where he proudly serves coffee, meets groups that make use of our venues, and leaves for road trips to tell others about his journey.

We can not be more proud of Joseph and hope to be able to empower many others to likewise be brave and conquer.