Orientation and Mobility, or O&M, is a profession that focuses on instructing individuals who are blind or visually impaired with safe and effective travel through their environment.


Sensitisation sessions and staff training 
A discussion with staff on how to treat a colleague with visual loss and what to expect. Sensitive questions can be asked and answered. Staff is shown how to guide the blind, how to accommodate a visually impaired colleague, and tips to make the workplace more accessible.

Assessment of accessibility in the workplace 
An assessment is done of the workplace for anything that may make the workplace inaccessible (such as handrails, signage, equipment, etc).

Demonstration of devices in the workplace
A demonstration on the use of assistive devices in the workplace will make the work more accessible and make the employee with visual loss more efficient.

Orientation in the workplace / between home and work
The individual is shown the best routes in and around the workplace. The individual can also be trained in the best route between home and the workplace.


Orientation and Mobility in your home environment
Assessment of the orientation and mobility needs of the individual is done and training in the needed orientation and mobility is then done.

Long cane training/assessment
Touch-up training in the best long cane techniques is available after an assessment to establish the number of training sessions needed.

Independence training
The individual is trained depending on his or her needs; in folding clothes, making hot beverages, cooking, packing a cupboard, and much more.


Training House Services Available:

  • Orientation and Mobility (including long cane training, as needed)
  • Introduction to sports for people with visual loss
  • Skills of daily living (make-up application, making coffee, clothes identification, ironing, cooking, and more)
  • Assistance with application for audiobooks and guide dogs


Applicants for the Training House must submit the following documents:

  • Fully completed application form (contact us for the form)
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of qualifications
  • Doctor's proof of disability and other medical conditions


Contact Sharon Goosen: Tel: 023 347 2745 | Cell:  072 277 3306 to make an appointment