SINCE 1881

At Innovation for the Blind we offer various therapeutic services to our visually impaired and multi-disabled residents. These programmes are seen as therapeutic as they allow residents to:

  • Develop and explore their individual talents
  • Cultivate new interests
  • Become more adventurous
  • Tackle a new challenge
  • Socialise with other visually impaired and multi-disabled individuals as well as the community
  • Develop a positive self-esteem

Our therapeutic programmes include:

  • Computer training (Persons with visual impairments & Persons who are deafblind)
  • Braille
  • English communication
  • Music (djembe drums and a gospel band)
  • Exercise groups, including a group for guide dogs and guide dog owners
  • Chess
  • Cellphone Training
  • Audio and Braille Library
  • Tandem cycling
Cellphone Training
Braille Training
Exercise Classes
Djembe Drumming
Chess Training
Gospel Band